1. madison moore, the theory of the fabulous class: creativity at the margins (under contract at yale university press)

2. madison moore, how to go clubbing: the myth and mythology of saturday night (book manuscript in proposal stage)


1. madison moore, on queerness and the catwalk (under review)

2. madison moore, for the love of queer nightlife: pleasure and autobiography in the nightclub

3. madison moore, beyoncé 

4. madison moore, drop: on the affective relationship to bass 

5. madison moore, 'the library is open, darling:' a brief history of shade in the 21st century 

6. madison moore, dj theory: mixing media in motion

published essays

1. madison moore, Tina theory: notes on fierceness, journal of popular music studies

2. madison moore, nightlife as form, theater magazine

3. madison moore, james blake, digital lion, the cambridge companion to the singer-songwriter

4. madison moore, beyoncé's new weave swing, or, how to snatch wigs with hair choreography, sound studies blog

5. madison moore, Looks: studio 54 and the production of fabulous nightlife, dance cult: a journal of electronic dance music and culture

6. madison moore, walk for me: post-modern dance at the house of harrell, theater magazine 


thought catalog

Splice today

out magazine

art in america

interview magazine

vice "discotecture"