cultural critic, dj and creative director based in london. his work critically engages pop culture, queer studies, nightlife, sound, media, visual culture and contemporary art. madison holds a ph.d. in american studies from yale university and is currently an erc funded researcher in 'modern moves' in the department of english at king's college london, where he is also the director of the queer@king's research centre.

his first book fabulous: the rise of the beautiful eccentric will be published april 17, 2018 on yale university press. drawing on creative writing, cultural analysis, interviews and observation, fabulous brings the reader on a journey through nightclubs, street fashion, contemporary art, pop culture and vogue balls to tell the story of fabulousness as a politic as well as a form of resistance. 

madison's research focuses broadly on (queer) aesthetic practices and experiences. at the center of this work is a commitment to articulating the necessity of pleasure, particularly queer pleasure and black joy. drawing from queer theorists, pop culture, critical race theory and creative storytelling, madison zeroes in on music, fashion, performance, art, and nightlife -- the realm of the aesthetic worlds around us -- to highlight how people use pleasure every day to stage small acts of resistance. 

his scholarly and popular writing has been published in a variety of places, including the creators project, splice today, thought catalogoutapertureinterviewart in americatheater, the journal of popular music studies, dancecult: the journal of electronic dance music culture and the cambridge companion to the singer-songwriter. he has given invited lectures, held residencies, lectured and performed at universities, art galleries and nightclubs around the world, including king's college london, the university of oxford, virginia commonwealth university, the university of st. andrews, university college london, reed college, the portland institute for contemporary art, cuny graduate center, tate britain, the barbican, somerset house, east bloc (london), five miles (london) elektrowerkz (london) and performance space sydney.

with his first book looming on the horizon, madison is currently at work on a new book project called how to go clubbinga exploration of the myth and mythology of dancing on saturday night. part of this narrative is about highlighting the value of queer nightclub spaces. as a techno dj madison has a passion for bass, soundscapes and the romantic, emotive power of dark techno, with flourishes of sassy, uplifting brilliance.