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Voguing + Cultural Appropriation @ Tanz im August, Berlin

  • Sophiensæle 18 Sophienstraße Berlin, Berlin, 10178 Germany (map)


Voguing is a culture deeply rooted in the New York City ballroom scene, a community built by and for queer and trans people of color. Within the last 10 years voguing has exploded in Europe on social media but also through workshops and functions organized by dedicated European pioneers.

But what does Voguing look like in cultural translation?

While some voguers from the U.S. are eager to share their knowledge of the culture and even encourage and support voguing's European evolution, others are more critical because it now differs from the original ballroom scene.
In New York, Washington, D.C., and Detroit, for instance, the ballroom scene is still ruled by black and latinx gay and trans people. In Europe, the majority of voguers are white gay men or white straight females.

Dance studios and commercial dance events have picked up on this trend and often they present Voguing as just another style of urban dance, a choreography that can be learned, rather than the culture it used to be -- a safe space for marginalized and intersectionally oppressed people.

This panel examines the appropriate ways to translate voguing as a (sub) culture and lifestyle to a European audience and points to ways that European Voguing Pioneers can develop this culture without being exploitative.

Panelists include Stephane Mizrahi, niv Acosta, madison moore, Georgina Leo Melody and Brenda Dixon Gottschild